Hospice Stories: A Message of Hope

“Death can be beautiful,” is the lesson Ellen Mitchell learned when she joined the staff of a large hospital in the Midwest. She realized the hospital staff's dedication was to make people well. But, as a Hospice Chaplain, she was devoted to a different aspect, that of comforting those who would not get well, and their loved ones. In these vignettes she discusses openly and honestly the beautiful side of dying. There is a message of comfort and hope to be learned from her stories, for others with similar conditions, and for their care givers. A feeling of peace and God's love can be passed on to those experiencing life's challenges through the messages she was given by her dying patients and their families.

About Ellen

Read about Ellen and her journey of creating Hospice Stories.



Jay and Ellen are available for several programs.  Jay sings Gospel and Ellen speaks.  They will come as a team or perform separately as desired. 

Jay and Ellen have performed at churches, civic organizations, Senior Centers and hospitals.

News & Letters

Watch news reports and interviews with Ellen, and read letters people have shared with her about their experiences. See where Ellen will be appearing for book signings and speaking engagements.